Networking CorkMeet2010 - Audioboo

During the speed-dating Day 2 of CorkMeet, I was fully occupied -  engaging face2face with some wonderful companies.

During some of the face2face networking, I recorded the voice of the business owner. We made AudioBoo connections...

It turned out to be an extra dimension to the experience.

Here's evidence for you to listen to:

(1) Lucy Hyland of Food for Living talking about her business (7 mins 54 secs)

(2) Daithi O'Regan of Handcrafthurleys - his voice ( 5 mins 01 secs)

(3) Atkins Engineering - my report on lunch with Jack Sheehan (4 mins 51 secs) - thoughts on writing the history of your company

(4) Ken Curtin talks about his approach to networking at CorkMeet - without having any organised one2ones.

Is there a role for audio in your business?  Contact MarketingWriteNow to discuss.