National Event Hire

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National Event Hire

The Company

National Event Hire is ranked as one of Ireland’s Top 3 Event Hire specialists. From cutlery to candelabras, National Event Hire offers the complete range of branded quality products and accessories without hassle or fuss. From quote to order - to transport set up and take down, return and wash up - National Event Hire gets the job done and delivers smartly from start to finish.

The Goals

  • To identify what customers really think and value about the service and understand how National Event Hire performs relative to the competition.
  • To identify and own a unique market position and develop the activities to support it.
  • To build a brand that’s No 1 in class.
  • To use the insights generated to map out a future business strategy.

Our Solution:

Initially National Event Hire (formerly Alternative Cater Hire) approached ThinkTank to develop a website, however, it became apparent that revamping the website would be a superficial response to what were deeper business issues. National Event Hire after ten years in business had to seriously examine where its business ambition lay over the next ten years and once this was clarified develop a business strategy that would act as the “blueprint” to realize this ambition.

In what was mainly a business consulting role, ThinkTank took National Event Hire through a custom built strategic planning process acting as a “sounding board” throughout, challenging the business owners until we had consensus on the business critical Why and What questions – Why do we exist and What do we want to achieve? Now, ThinkTank had to map out the How? How must National Event Hire compete to get to the number one market position?

To achieve this it was crucial that ThinkTank get an independent perspective outside of management’s that would shine a light on what had to be done. This was achieved through customer research and in-depth competitor research. Qualitative research uncovered that despite being perceived as significantly better at customer service than the competition, neither the corporate identity nor marketing communications were conveying this.

Competitor research revealed that there were no brands in this space, everyone looked and sounded pretty much the same. This insight was key as it revealed a huge opportunity for National Event Hire to “own” the idea of being number 1 at customer service in the market and build a brand off that position.

ThinkTank created the positioning line “Whatever it Takes” which encapsulated the idea that everybody in the company is an “evangelist” when it comes to service. The concept “Whatever it Takes” is ambitious and big in stature and needed to be aligned with a company name that had similar traits, it became clear from the research that the name Alternative Cater Hire was limiting growth potential as it was rooted in the local Cork market, the name National Event Hire was created to accommodate the ambition of the owners to build a national brand and to create the perfect fit with the positioning.

ThinkTank went on to develop a new corporate identity and helped identify key performance gaps that needed to be addressed in order to effectively deliver on this strategy. We also developed the on-line marketing strategy, design and content for the website, product catalogues, signage, stationery, signage, vehicles & sales collateral.


The strategic planning exercise was incredibly important for National Event Hire as it gave the owners absolute clarity as to what they wanted for the business and how to get there. This is a very difficult exercise for a business to conduct on itself and ThinkTank had the experience and the strategic thinking capability to steer National Event Hire through this process.

Investing in the research meant that National Event Hire had the insights necessary to justify making an investment in the new name and corporate identity makeover and it meant that ThinkTank had a very sound basis for the creation of a unique & powerful positioning – “Whatever it takes”.

The importance of creating the positioning cannot be overstated – it is a powerful message to the market about what is different about National Event Hire, thus giving customers a very clear reason to buy, it also sends a powerful motivational message to staff, clarifying to them what is unique about their company and how each individual can play a crucial role in delivering on this positioning, this energises staff to such an extent that they begin to take ownership of sales and marketing.

Ultimately, the body of work that ThinkTank undertook for National Event Hire will equip National Event Hire to become a serious national contender. Already, the new business strategy and new corporate identity is opening doors for National Event Hire and has helped them to gain a stronger foothold in the Dublin market. Since the development of the new website and search engine optimisation strategy web traffic has increased significantly with excellent conversion rates.