Nail those suppliers

It's really important to have a consistent approach to all suppliers. That's part of your Brand behaviours.

Really important to show all potential suppliers what they can expect if you decide to award them the contract.  Strong brands are consistent.

[Aside: you can tell quickly from the way you're treated as a potential supplier what the future will be like.] 

There are three approaches to suppliers:

(1) Make sure they know they're in a competitive situation - that you'll be comparing them with other potential suppliers: they better be competitive on price. [Keeps them from ripping you off]

(2) Make sure they know the contract will be under continuous review - you can drop them at any stage if you're not satisfied with them [Keeps them sharp & clear]

(3) Make sure you write them a note like this after the first meeting: 

Glad you got to meet some of the team today; I was really glad they met you too... Matilda and I would like to pledge here a memo of intent to work with ChangeAgents on re-branding our business as soon as possible. We can discuss the financial details at a next meeting and reach an agreement that will work for us both.

No 3 was clearly written by someone who hasn't a clue - right?