My business coach works Saturday morning

07:36 I'm just back for her consulting room (an office in her house) near Glanmire on the outskirts of Cork City.

She's tough - I doubt there's a tougher business coach in Munster.  She lets me away with nothing.

For example, this is how the session started at 06:45 this morning (after I survived with shirt intact at poker last night).

"Paul, what's the issue that's been bothering you most this week?"

"Billing clients."

"How many have you billed this week?"


"How many had you planned to bill?"

"Well, you see I hoped I'd be able to do more than that."


"Because we need to bill more clients to keep this company growing."

"Teapigs or water?"

"I haven't had any water yet, I forgot to have a glass before leaving the house."

"What else have you forgotten this morning?"

"To read my mantra."

"Go on, what is your mantra?"

"Change the world - but get paid for the value I create...

- you know that, you helped me put it into words."

"I wanted to hear you say it."

"Change the world - get paid for the value I create."

"What are you doing today?"

"I'm driving to Waterford for the opening of the new PartyWorld store. The doors open at 09:30."

"They're you biggest client today."

"Yes, and they're wonderful to work with."

"Will you bill them for your work today?"

"I'd like to."

"What value will you create today?"

Long pause...

"I'm not sure.  Maybe they'd like me to be there."

"What value will you create?"

"I'll take photographs  for the About Us page of their new website."

"Really? Are they not going to take photos themselves?"

"Of course, they even have Liam a great intern - he'll be shooting all day."

"Sounds like they know what they're doing.  Why are you going to drive for 90 minutes, consume petrol, take time away from your family, invest the best part of a day?"

"Because this is history, I want to be there.  It's a magnificent shop & when the new website we've been building for PartyWorld goes live -  it'll be great."

"So why are you going to Waterford today?"

"Because I'm bloody curious - I want to be there for the excitement & because I love watching people having fun."

"What value are you going to create?"

"None for anyone else except myself."

"So are PartyWorld going to charge you for the day?"

"All right, all right - I don't deserve to be paid for the day - I'll  have to be clearer about how I bill..."

"Finish that water...  See you next week."

I told you she's tough.