Mitch Joel & SmarterEgg Action List

Part 1 of this series is here.  After reading Mitch Joel chapter 1-3, after thinking intently about the on-line presence of this business, I wrote a list. This is my Action List (in no particular order): I'll take it to discuss with #SmarterEgg tomorrow.

1.  Try Google Trends

2. Try Facebook Lexicon

3. Google search to see all websites that link to me

4. Set up Technorati

5. Restart my RSS Reader

6. Create video podcast

7. Call my clients/blog commenters by a consistent name

8. Use Website Checklist from p.52 of "Six Pixels of Separation"

9. Write my "Why List" (see p. 50)

10. Pull out all the blog advice for my corporate client

11. One good photograph (to represent me)

12  Keep track on regular blog posting

13.  Audit me  - including % of twitter contact I meet face-to-face