Marketing rubbish - gobbledygook

Companies project their image in all sorts of ways. They do it to improve their reputation. Do it to win more profitable business from customers & people who don't already know them.

Companies that say they're highly professional, super efficient, top class quality are joking.  Worse - they are seen as joking.  They are unbelievable. Those sort of clichés damage their reputation.  People ignore those claims - even laugh at them behind the back of the company.

Business owners are sincere.  They mean well.  But they too don't believe such claims from other companies.

If you have to say you're professional - you give the impression you aren't.

If you say you're efficient & cost effective - the same.

If you say you stand for quality - that creates doubt - even ridicule.

Those word are lazy.  Show you don't know what makes you attractive to others - shows you're not confident you're different.

No human introduces themselves by saying they're professional, efficient and believe in quality.

Find better - more human words that are  meaningful.