Make Love Not Peace

"Make love not war" was great when it first came out. John & Yoko expressed yearning for an end to the status quo - the Vietnam War, the Cold War & perpetual aggression.  They were change agents - voicing and behaving a meaningful protest. [watch that video - hear their song]

Today Steve Farber's cry "Do what you love in the service of those who love what you do" came to me via Bob Burg on Twitter. Made me think. Isn't that what we all want?

Steve Farber also says things like "Choose to be extreme" & "Cultivate love" - and he's talking to business people (not a crowd of old hippies). Reach him on Twitter.

Love is a great  word - it appeals to us all. It's the human way. It's meaningful.

But love doesn't mean leaving things the way they are.  We want to change the world because we love it - otherwise we wouldn't try to improve it.  We want to make the world fit for children - the next generation - because the world is dear to us. We love it.

We are not peaceful. Of course we believe in world peace.  But we cause a rumpus, protest & disrupt because we are not satisfied with the way things are - with the way people do things - with current thinking.  We don't keep quiet.

At least some people are noisy - fighting against the status quo.  We call them change agents.

Are you?