Love your enemies (they make you)

  • Aer Lingus made Ryanair.
  • The Rolling Stones made the Beatles.
  • Bill Gates made Steve Jobs.
  • John Lennon made Paul McCartney.
  • The Pope made Henry VIII.
  • Fine Gael made Fianna Fáil.
  • Newton made Einstein.
  • The Tzar made the Bolsheviks.

So who's making your business?

Your cause is to change the world for the better - so it's no longer at the mercy of the powers that be.  

You get  strong by having a clear mission.  Having a competitor to beat. Saving the world from your competitor...

Imagine you're a new restaurant in town.  
You believe in yourself.  You're ambitious.

You better have an enemy. You better lead the revolution of rising expectations.

You better love your enemy.