LinkedIn is what you need - perhaps?

LinkedIn is great. If it didn't exist - we'd have to invent it.

If you're going to a business conference (like DMX Dublin today) you need a LinkedIn to check people out.

You need a LinkedIn to plan your day.

Going networking with LinkedIn in your pocket gives you edge.

I'm writing this on a train from Dalkey & Bizzabo has taken all my data from LinkedIn & shared it with others going to the Aviva Stadium Conference Centre. LinkedIn is the engine. Others can find out who I am quickly thru LinkedIn.

Twitter bio is good too but LinkedIn has the full story of your professional life.

There is a down side.

LinkedIn is boring. It's so solid, professional & thorough - it looks risk-averse. It doesn't fit all that easily with the free-wheeling innovative, unpredictable entrepreneurs.

LinkedIn is corporate.

Corporates need to become more like startups. (Read "The Lean Startup")

Will LinkedIn find a way to morph?

Which brings me to the trouble LinkedIn caused me yesterday.

It all began with innovation - months ago, LinkedIn launched an App that let you see the profile of people who emailed you.

It gave you the LinkedIn pic & profile info - before you opened the mail.

I loved it. Others found it "big brother" "creepy" "scary".

After a few months LinkedIn killed it.

At least they innovated. Developed the software, put it out there & were courageous enough to kill it quickly. Classic lean startup behaviour.

Problem is - yesterday LinkedIn caused my Iphone to stop receiving emails.

When LinkedIn buried their Email App, the settings on my iPhone stopped working. For 5 hours I wasn't able to send or receive emails on the go.

LinkedIn caused me a lot of bother.

In case you're wondering, LinkedIn did everything right: perfectly clear warnings, model instructions. LinkedIn communicated the reasons why they were killing that software. They communicated what to do to ensure email service would not stop. LinkedIn did everything professionally.

But I didn't pay attention. I ignored LinkedIn advice on how to work around the problem. I've been asking myself why.

Why did I ignore LinkedIn's best efforts?

Finally figured this out...

The LinkedIn brand is synonymous with safety, reliability & peace of mind. I couldn't believe anything LinkedIn would do would cause me hassle.

That overrode everything. I simply refused to believe anything negative could happen as a result of me installing an App from LinkedIn.

No matter how hard LinkedIn tried to tell me there would be a problem for me if I didn't take action - I had such a strong fixed brand association, I stuck to my habit of trusting LinkedIn.

Trusted the brand association - more than the advice.

Weird. Crazy. Eh?

Going networking with LinkedIn in my pocket today

  • am I slating LinkedIn?
  • Will I be bad-mouthing LinkedIn?
  • Will I be advising people to avoid all LinkedIn innovations (and they have plenty under the radar)?

Like hell I will.

LinkedIn are great.

Marketers - digital marketers & old-fashioned marketers - need to see how important brand associations are.

Never mind all the buzz & excitement you can create around your brand by propelling 1m Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, You Tube views.

Make sure you attend to your brand associations - every day.
Visit, re-visit & re-visit your branding heart.

Your messaging matters - that's your bread & butter. But your work is your brand.

The behaviour of people is based on your brand.

If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have had all that trouble yesterday.

So at DMXDublin today - in all the excitement surrounding RyanAir & Kellogg's & all the wonderful speakers - remember your brand is everything.