Like Minds 2010 in Exeter UK hooked me

I'm always on the look-out for the next big thing.  Suppose I'm one of those horizon watchers.  That's how I picked up intelligence about a gathering of new media heads in Exeter.

@chrisbrogan tweeted to say he was on a plane to London.  I wondered if that at London Ontario Canada or London England? That was how I found out Chris was on a plane crossing the Atlantic. I assumed he'd be going to London.  Great surprise to find it was Exeter.

If Chris Brogan from USA was in Europe, who would he be talking to? What's up? That sort of curiosity led me to Like Minds 2010 via #linkminds on Twitter. I started following that hashtag, and sent a few tweets to others on their way to the conference. It was only after I'd latched on to an individual I trusted that I bothered to find out who was sponsoring the conference.

Isn't this the way the world works these days?  You begin with someone you trust. You follow them. You grow your world through a pathway of strangers...

Which brings me to the photographs of Paul Clarke.  Yesterday morning, he tweeted a link to his opening shots.  A Flickr set is here. I wanted a feel of what was going on in Exeter, some images, more than words.  Tweeting Paul I was able to open a line of communications. We discussed copyright and creative commons. Paul kindly made his photos available for me to show them to you.

The un-conference is over now.  But it's given me plenty to think about.

2.0 Prodution did the video work to support the event... @rokkster highlighted their role.

I was also in touch with @robertpickstone, @sarknight, @jeremygould