Is LinkedIn worth it?

I wondered.  For ages I asked myself if LinkedIn was a swizz.

Like just about everyone, I signed up to LinkedIn ages ago.  I put my CV up.  I got a bit exited about the prospect of re-connecting with my past - the great people I'd worked with.  I really thought it was a great tool for re-kindling contacts I never intended to let fade away.

For a while, LinkedIn was fun. I found a few people.  It was good to find out news about them - what jobs they were now doing.

But I never got LinkedIn to do anything useful for Now.  It never became the tool I'd use for business networking.

Then I was given good advice: "The value in LinkedIn is in the Groups - go get active on LinkedIn Groups."  That certainly was helpful - I've made some good contacts that way.  I even gained one new client from LinkedIn Groups.

CorkMeet2010 was a great face-to-face business networking experience for me.  I met some fine businesses & people with whom I found rapport.  Yesterday I added a comment about CorkMeet2010 networking to a LinkedIn Group. This made me ask myself again "Is LinkedIn worth it?"  "Should I spend more time there?  Should I increase its role in my marketing plan?"

I tweeted about my questioning.  Then I received a shocking bit of intelligence... via Twitter (a Direct Message - so I won't say who contacted me with this).

The Frank Hannigan story... the Chairman at Goshido... the Wall Street Journal article by Elizabeth Garone about how Frank Hannigan used LinkedIn...

Blew me away.

I will never doubt the value of LinkedIn again.