Irish hotels on Twitter today

I am fascinated by hotels.  They are complex.  They require many skills for them to work well.  Hotels are a fine business challenge to their owners, managers, staff, suppliers & customers.

There have been films about hotels -

There have been TV programmes set in hotels -

Hotels are a highly competitive business.

So I thought I'd do a little research. I know many people who work in or have owned a hotel.  All their advertising budgets are down.  The amount they're spending on traditional media has fallen - dramatically.  This got me thinking about new media.  How are hotels using new media - particularly Facebook and Twitter?  Let's focus on Twitter: how are Irish hotels using Twitter today?

Gregan's Castle in Co Clare, a 4-Star:  "Winner, The Georgina Campbell Country House of The Year Award 2010. Tweets by owner Simon Haden." - 1,795 followers, on 78 Twitter Lists,  has sent out 612 tweets so far.

Fota Island Resort in Cork - 381 followers, on 15 Twitter Lists, has sent out 144 tweets so far

Brandon Hotel, Tralee, Co Kerry - 360 followers, on 18 Twitter Lists, has sent out 263 tweets so far

The Cliff House Hotel - 865 followers, on 47 Twitter Lists, has sent out 1,583 tweets. It's chef Kajuiter also tweets - 235 followers, on 19 Lists, has tweeted 1,569 times.

Travelodge Ireland (11 hotels) - 1,842 followers, on 54 lists, 1,423 tweets sent

Claregalway Galway - 1,576 followers, on 39 Lists, 3,933 tweets

Mount Juliet, Kilkenny - 1,366 followers, 41 lists, 623 tweets.

Jury's Inns, Ireland & UK (30 hotels) - 986 followers, 65 Lists, 584 tweets

The D Hotel, Drogheda, Co Louth - 1,712 followers, 57 Lists, 338 tweets

Here's Marketing Times:  a useful place to go if you'd like to see the top 30 Irish hotels - rated by their weight on Twitter. And - in case your are wondering - the best Facebook info I could find .

Marketing Times [@marketing_times]  has 277 followers, is on 17 Lists, and has shared 229 tweets so far.

All makes me wonder how many hotel marketing directors & managers are thinking deeply about how best to use Twitter - as their budgets tumble?

ps - I better declare that none of these hotels are a client of