Ireland is tinier than you think

The American at the bar was with friends - certainly their chat was full of banter about golf, Irish coffee & Cuban cigars.

The men's group were in Cork - they seemed to be in an international gathering - probably senior executives from a global tech business. [Turned out to be Trend Micro.]

I was minding my own business until they came in to the Sextant Bar.

I was too curious.

Great golf places got into their conversations. Royal County Down & Portrush got me tuning in: clearly they were serious about quality golf links.

But from Cork Co Down & Co Antrim feel too far away to consider playing.

Not so for the Americans & Canadians.

"Sure they're only a few hours away."

Royal County Down is the world No 1 golf links - and I've never played it.

As far as the visitors to Ireland were concerned - I must be crazy not to drive up there for a game.

They thought nothing of the distance between Cork & Northern Ireland - just as I think nothing of the distance between Boston & Chicago.

How easy it is to be trapped in a mindset.
How easy it is to miss opportunities. To feel certain things are impossible or difficult.

The visiting North Americans had no inhibitions about treating the entire island of Ireland as tiny.

But the natives see it differently. We see a big effort required to go play golf up North. People up North probably see it as hard to play Waterville & Ballybunion in Co Kerry - Lahinch in Co Clare.

We need the new-comer's view.
We need our horizons changed.

We could sell our products & services to new people - people we feel are unreachable.

We can attract new people to our business. We can change our way of thinking - our way of marketing.

We can easily be more meaningful to people we're not serving now.

But we do need the visitors from outer space to challenge our assumptions.

ChangeAgents are off to Royal County Down & Portrush.

Where's your new market?

Your job today: write down three sorts of people whom you could never serve.

Think it over as if you were from outer space or North America.