International Women's Day is a pity?

Sean & Liam were propped up against the bar when I came in.  They were so caught up in their own conversation it was easy to overhear them while I was waiting for my pint to settle.

From the body language it was clear Sean was the boss. 

"Isn't it an awful pity we have to put up with all this international women's day stuff?  Why can't we have an international men's day?

"Does it bother much? Why don't you just ignore it?"

"Yeah I know - but my wife even says she's going to wear green white & purple tomorrow."

"I  thought St Patrick's Day wasn't for another week?"

Ah, women want to take over everything - you know green is the colour of the International Women's Day crowd."

"I didn't know that.  Was St Patrick a woman?"

[Liam nearly dropped his pint]

"Seriously though, women seem to be everywhere these days.  When's the last time a man was President of Cork Chamber?"

"I suppose it's a pity women didn't get the vote at the same time as we did.  We wouldn't have had to put up with the Suffragettes...
I suppose tis a pity women aren't the only ones who can have kids - we wouldn't have to put up with all this stuff about sexual discrimination."

"Oh,  I'm fed up with all this 50:50 stuff - you know there's even a crowd of women agitating in favour of half the Dáil being women."

"It's a pity women didn't own property like men, we wouldn't have to put up with all this stuff about glass ceilings?

"You know I know a guy on the board of the Institute of Directors in London, he says they've to spend nearly half their time dealing with why women don't make it into the boardroom."

"You think that's a pity?"

"Ah, feck it boss - why are we wasting our time talking about women?

"You know I wrote a poem about women ages ago. I must dig it out."

I asked the woman behind the bar to pour me another while I went searching on the internet for that poem.

I found this "How to Sell to Women" business in USA.   Who is Lisa Sasevich anyway?

Sean & Liam were there for the night.  Who cares about women?  Do they really matter all that  much?