Instagram is worth using - here's evidence from Cork

I was sitting next to people from the marketing department of Cork Opera House at the Marketing Institute Ball on Saturday night.

We got talking about Instagram.  Almost no one in the room was using Instagram to share pics at the event.  Despite the attractive prize put up by H+A marketing for selfies [wikipedia link here].

Why is Instagram not popular with Irish marketers?  
Is it not a useful way to communicate messages?  Isn't it a good way to connect with people & build brand reputation?

Instagram is successful in other places (massive understatement = 100m users)

My internal dialogue went a bit like this: 

"You have a smartphone. Have you a smart head? You're carrying round with you a powerful communications tool. The people you want to connect with have a smartphone. They have loads of opportunities to look at your communications.  Especially while on the move...

"When will Irish marketers cotton on?"

Instagram might seem frivolous.  [So might Pinterest. ]  But Irish people are particularly social - as Ruth McEntee from You Tube demonstrated at DMXDublin. Irish people like to swap photographs & chat about them.  The people you want to attract may well be using Instagram.

Here's what one innovative user of Instagram, Roger Overall, in Cork did: 

 the photo Roger Overall shared on Instragram

the photo Roger Overall shared on Instragram

 the first people to like Roger Overall's pic + the blogpost Roger shared + the first comment he attracted

the first people to like Roger Overall's pic + the blogpost Roger shared + the first comment he attracted

You see you can share your blogpost via Instagram.  Roger's done it.  It took him a couple of minutes to reach a new audience.  I think most of those people wouldn't have got Roger Overall's blog via RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook or Google+

You can reach new people via Instagram.

A schoolgirl in Cork
has attracted 63K followers on Instagram - 4,732 liked her most recent photo - 245 comments. She's exceptional - but it shows the potential of Instagram for Irish marketers.

Of course, the marketers at the Ball were off-duty
- enjoying themselves - they weren't using all their skills on Saturday night.  I don't want to exaggerate the point.

And I haven't shares in Instagram - even though I use two Instagram accounts for ChangeAgents Branding business. [See my #miiball2014 pics here.] 

  • Are you using Instagram for your business or for your clients?  
  • It's a human way of building connections with people.  
  • It's a way to grow a community around your brand.  

To grow your business thru more meaningful marketing - consider Instagram.  Make your Instagram account different from others.  Make your Instagram account worth following.  Make Instagram help you connect with real people.  Join people where they are.

It can be great fun too.