I don't follow anyone on Twitter

I don't read all the tweets anyone produces.

I don't follow the example of anyone.

I don't retweet all the tweets from anyone.

I don't love all the tweets anyone makes - even @RogerOverall @BoydJane @Eoghanol @VOfficeWorx @ChrisBrogan @BenjaminOMahony @Tori_RH @Documentally @SmarterEggAodan @1TomHickey @SpaceForChange @DavidGQuaid

Why would I follow someone on Twitter?

Why would I pretend I follow anyone - anywhere?

  • Because I trust them
  • Because they're in front & I want to catch up with them.
  • Because we're in in the same movement & they are our leader
  • Because I'm curious to experience what it's like to follow them

I doubt anyone follows me on Twitter.

I hope you follow yourself.

Your job today: Become more attractive

There's a hashtag on Twitter you might like to follow and even publish - #ProudFreak