Humans love branding themselves

Yes we do. We go round displaying our brand all the time.

What clothes are you wearing today?

What car are you driving?

What food are you eating?

We are all marketing creatures - working on behalf of ourselves.

We select what we want to be associated with - how we want to be remembered.

Some people are all over the place - eclectic.

Others only drink Coke.

I am 100% Apple & Moleskine.

Ted Rubin is 100% memorable colourful socks (never wears single colour socks).

Humans love to show off their branding - we are all peacocks.

(The exceptions are rare - they are brand misfits - that's their brand.)

Even when entrepreneurs don't think about their brand - they behave their brand.

When your branding is clear, consistent & relevant to the people you want to attract - you have an advantage in business.

You job today: gain that advantage. Change something. Move in a more attractive direction. Be a more meaningful marketer for yourself.