"How to tell your story in a noisy social world"

It was a lovely gift - the book I hadn't been able to find in my local bookshop. On top of that, I'd had contact via Twitter with the author in USA. I'd even hoped I could help him sell his book in Cork to people who deliberately wanted it.

So many book purchases are impulse buys. People are drawn into a bookshop without a specific mission. You go looking to see what's new & attractive - often by its cover. If you're keen to educate yourself on how to do business well - you head for the business shelf.  Often you hope you'll be surprised by a new title. But the decision to buy will be an accident.

How different that is to this alternative. You focus on a specific business theme, area, style, ambition & skill. You don't wait for a book to hit you - you search for a narrow range of books - discriminating in favour of those likely to change your status quo. Intentional reading I call it. Reading with purpose. 

A good friend noticed me looking at the bookshelf in his company HQ.  He's chief marketing officer (CMO). He knows my taste & focus.

"How to tell your story in a noisy social world"
- that's what I work on. My mission.  [If you find a book that might help me get better at this + helping others too - give me a shout please.]

You see your story matters.  
It's your greatest asset.  You could lose your shirt, your business investment, your dream - but you can never lose your story.  You can only get better & better at telling it in an attractive way.

Yes, your story is a narrative. Has a beginning, middle & a not-quite-finished-yet... But within that is packed a whole lot more - your values, beliefs, hopes, dreams & legacy (at least the legacy you intend to leave for others).

And no one else owns your story except you.  No one can take it away from you. It's treasure - right?

Trouble is this is a noisy world.
It wasn't always so. The noise has increased exponentially (probably some "Law of Expounding Noise"). It's not easy to share your treasure. There's so much chatter going on. Getting your message out there is getting easier from the point of view of technology & publishing.  But attracting listeners is a different ballgame.  

That's why the gift of "How to tell your story in a noisy social world" was a blessing undisguised.  That's why when Donal Cahalane handed me the New York Times Bestselling Author Gary Vaynerchuk's book I felt like hugging the two of them.

You won't find the book if you go into a bookshop & order "How to tell your story..."  That's because that's the subtitle ( strap-line if you like).  

But you too might want the book because you want to get better at telling your story.  So here's the title: "Jab, Jab ,Jab, Right Hook". At least you know what it's about. [Open that link for 14 memorable quotes from Gary]

Underneath boxing gloves on the cover is the subtitle. Under that are buttons: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest + three buttons I don't recognise.

This might be the book that breaks through. That removes obstacles from your path.

It'll certainly be a more meaningful read than some of the stuff I've read.

PS Author is @GaryVee on Twitter (he has a few followers). My friend is @Donal_Cahalane (not as many followers)

PPS  We'll be very pleased to publish several reviews of the book here.
[ISBN 9780062273062 published by Harper Collins]

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