How to plan a meaningful future : 3 options

We're all growing older. And it's normal to wonder "what am I going to do with the rest of my life?"

Imagine you're at the halfway point in your life - (aged 42-50)...

There are 3 options open to you:

(1) Do nothing.  Carry on doing your own thing. Let others have the opportunity to struggle.  Let them find their own way to overcome obstacles you've overcome. Communicate this message: "Life is yours for the making - don't look to others to solve it for you. Face your own demons - with courage."
This is the mentor's way.

(2) Do something. Share your troubles.  Give others the benefit of your experience, the wisdom you've gained on the road you've travelled. Maybe write your book of guidance.  Reach out to others & save them time & energy. Communicate this message:
"Here's the way to swing the golf club that's worked for me.  Let me inform, connect & support you - so you don't have to suffer the way I did."
This is the coach's way.

(3) Retire.