How to launch your new website

When was your website launched? Was it a Tuesday?

Send me the day & date.

We'll feature your website here in a List
(with a url link for people & search engines to find.)

That may be useful to your business.

This offer is to reward you for your generosity.

Yes, we're about to launch a new website for our funny client PartyWorld. They sell party costumes etc (please note: they do not hire costumes or accessories).  That's their current website. (Can't yet show you the new one.)

Why do you have a website?

Write down the main reason in 4 words

on back of an envelop now. (Tougher than you think.)

ChangeAgents Branding have a website to sell our services.  
It may also be a business card, a showcase, a heartland, a way to attract potential clients - but essential it exists to sell services to particular people who are keen to grow their business now. 

Your website is your selling tool.

As soon as it's up - it's not good enough.  It needs continuous improvement.  [Ours does.]

Every day, each week - without fail - the website is waiting to become better at selling your services.

Your website also needs to be better at

  • explaining why you're in business
  • increasing your reach out into the wider community
  • growing your reputation
  • many other things too

All of this is work you have to do (otherwise you've wasted your money).

Here's where you get your plans for improving your website

  • yourself (you know your intentions & ambitions best)
  • your friends & supporters (they have your interests at heart)
  • people you admire (their websites knock you into shape)
  • your competitors (if you have any)
  • people who use your site (their views & behaviour)

The big question now...

Have you got a list of improvements you need to make to your website?
Where is that list?  If it's in your head, get it written down (paper, GoogleDrive, Listly, Evernote, wherever works for you.)

When was your list updated?

That's your job today.

Oh, remember... 

Send me the day & date you launched your website

- so we can feature it for you.

Tweet me your comments  (@changeagents_) - I'll put them up here for you