How to punch above your weight

That's the $64k question we all have, isn't it?

I'm in a tiny coffee haus in Cork city - there's room for about 25 people.  How can it punch above its weight? How can it grow huge in the affection, imagination & conversation of others?
(This little business is called Filter. It's 19 George's Quay.)

I'm in a tiny city called Cork (not to be confused with the cork tree)
- there's about 140,000 people living here.  How can this place punch above its weight? How can Cork grow huge in the affection, imagination & conversations of others in other places?

Cork people have a reputation in Ireland for loving Cork.  That's great (if Cork people didn't love Cork, why should anyone else love Cork?). 

But that's not enough.
For a place to punch above its weight, more is required than the enthusiasm of locals.  

It's ok to stay small.  It's ok to remain small & stay big in the affection of a tiny number of customers - provided you are content with that.  (Typically a lifestyle business is just that.)

Small is beautiful.

But huge can be beautiful too.  Look up at the heavens.  The Milky Way is huge & beautiful. Look at National Geographic.

Cork can be small + hugely loved by masses of people all round the world.

Thanks to the internet.  Thanks to digital we have more than word-of-mouth to spread love for our tiny city.

So as I do my best to spread my love for this extraordinary coffee espresso & brewbar in this small city where I live (Glanmire suburb to be exact) - it's good to dwell on how marvellous digital is for growing ENORMOUS.

Huge in awareness, desire, affection, enthusiasm, love - how to get people to become besotted with your place...?

These days it's digital isn't it?

PS - The jargon term for this area of work is "place branding".