How much does it cost to build a strong brand?

First - how much does it cost to agree the answers to these 39 questions?

  • Why does our brand exist?
  • How does our brand appear?
  • What does our brand mean?
  • Where does our brand hang out ?
  • Who is our brand?
  • What does our brand feel like?
  • How does our brand sound?
  • How does our brand smell?
  • What clothes does our brand wear?
  • What colour is our brand?
  • What does our brand stand for?
  • What cause does our brand support?
  • What does our brand fight for?
  • When does our brand meet people?
  • What sort of a personality does our brand have?
  • Who owns our brand?
  • Who is our brand?
  • Who's like our brand?
  • Who would like to love our brand?
  • What difference does our brand make?
  • Who does our brand remind you of?
  • Why is our brand worth improving?
  • Where is our brand most comfortable?
  • Why should we love our brand?
  • Why not abandon our brand?
  • Where was our brand born?
  • Where did our brand grow up?
  • Who's our brand's best friend?
  • How does our brand fight?
  • What value is our brand?
  • When will our brand be satisfied?
  • How long will our brand exist?
  • What would our brand like us to do for it?
  • What gender is our brand?
  • Where does our brand live?
  • How much do we love our brand?
  • What if we left our brand alone?
  • Who cares more about our brand than us?
  • What's the name of our brand?

How much time does it take to discuss, clarify, agree, capture & communicate answers to the 39 questions?

  • To whom do we need to communicate the answers?
  • What's the best way to get the message across?
  • Do we need to build a community around our brand?

It's not that easy to say exactly how much it costs to build a strong brand.  
But Rome wasn't built in a day - and it is possible to start with one of the 39 questions.

After all, how do you eat an elephant?