How good is Ballybunion?

Ballybunion is a small seaside village on the Wild Atlantic Way in North Kerry.  The tourist season  there is short.  You can be sure people in business there would like to attract more customers.

They'd like to grow their business by attracting more tourists, holiday-makers, day-trippers, visitors, conferences - as well as golfers.

The one thing Ballybunion is famous for is golf.  A list of best golf links in the world would include Ballybunion. But it's such a demanding golf links that only serious golfers dare play there.  (I mean "serious" - not necessarily "good" - remember Bill Clinton played there.)

  • For Ballybunion to grow as a business - it has to appeal to people who have little interest in golf. It has to have other attractions. 
  • For Ballybunion to grow - it has to harness the energy of local people, the local community.
  • For Ballybunion to become a lot greater than it is now - it has to have a whole village approach: everything has to fit together coherently.

Ballybunion doesn't exist in a vacuum. Down the road, inland, is Listowel (famous for John B Keane, horse-racing, Writers' Week & Allo's).

The hinterland of Ballybunion includes some of the most magnificent unspoiled beaches in Ireland.


There is fierce  competition from South Kerry - Killarney, Tralee, Dingle, Kenmare, Waterville, The Ring of Kerry, the Skelligs - and more.

It'll never be easy to compete with those sort of attractions. And it won't be easy for Ballybunion to join them either.  Kerry is a divided county, north and south.  Imagine trying to include Ballybunion on The Ring of Kerry...

The context is complex.

This video came out over the weekend & it's wonderful.

My first reaction was to leave a comment on You Tube 

Incredibly good -  technically excellent - conceptually brilliant - authentic - fun.  Addressed a real pain:  how to make Ballybunion & North Kerry appealing to outsiders.  This is a great start.  Whole community working together - even the local police (gardaí) - even makes golfers look interesting - and the phenomenal performance of the local supermarket staff from SuperValu deserves an Emmy. Reputation winning.  Helping build a better brand (Ballybunion has a long way to go imho).  Whoever planned this did great.

What do you think of it?  

What sort of image of Ballybunion does it project?

What would you do for Ballybunion if you wanted to help it grow?

The branding & marketing of a place matters.  
What it means in the minds of outsiders matters. The reputation of a place is not fixed - but people already have their own associations when it comes to Ballybunion.

The first thing is to make Ballybunion worth talking about, more meaningful to others who could be attracted there + those who could support it. 

How good is this video?

Your job day:  Consider how your business could help improve the reputation of its local community.