How do you build your reputation?

This is too big a question for one blogpost. Building your reputation is a complex matter - deserves a series of blogposts. This is first in a series in which I'm going to share my approach to reputation building.

I'll start with Twitter. This isn't to say I think Twitter is the most important place to start building your reputation but I've been bothered by one feature of Twitter for ages...

Let's look at a feature of Twitter that's often neglected.

Favourites: Twitter provides every account with a place to put all your favourite Tweets. Facebook does something similar - lets you list all your favourite books, music & films (movies).

Why use the "Favourites" function on Twitter:

(1) It provides others with a bit of insight into what sort of person you are - it reveals something about you.

(2) It gives you a place to keep special Tweets - Tweets you may want to refer to again.

(3) It's a handy place where you can keep Tweets you plan to read later.

As far as reputation is concerned, it's the insight others get from seeing Favourite Tweets that matters.  People are curious - many take time to make up their mind whether to follow a new person.  They  read your bio; they look at your website - but your Favourites reveal another dimension of you.

Your Favourites give an impression of the type of person you are.  It may be misleading; you may confuse others by your choices - because they won't understand your motivation - what led you to choose those favourites.

But Favourites make you more interesting. A profile without Favourites is a missed opportunity.  Imagine the statement "I've read a thousand Tweets, but not yet found one Favourite..." Or "I had lots of Favourites months ago, but I haven't found one in ages..."

I think it's a good idea to have a decent collection of Favourite Tweets...

Taken collectively, your Favourite Tweets offer you an opportunity to look back & see what's appealed to you... They provide a sort of history of your on-line life & inspirations.

Many have no active Favourites - perhaps there's a different view on this?  Do you agree your Favourites can help build your reputation?

(In case you'd like to look at my recent Favourites here... )