Go east from Cork

The conventional wisdom in Cork is "Go West".

West Cork is great.  West Cork's great for weekends, holidays, food, scenery.  West Cork is where Kerry is...  The Atlantic is in West Cork... Beauty, adventure & storytelling are in West Cork. 

"West is best" is the local wisdom.

Wherever you are, there is a conventional wisdom.
Habits, reflexes, unconscious assumptions, received wisdom, prevailing mindset.  The road well travelled.

[It was the same when I was a child in Limerick - go west to the seaside.  There was nowhere else a right-minded person would go.]

So we went East.  
Jon & I went in the opposite direction.  We left Cork on the Waterford road. Drove east in search of a place to hold a company "awayday" - a review of how our company has performed.  We went east in search of a plan for the next phase of ChangeAgents Branding.

Instead of Kinsale, Kenmare & Killarney [the 3 superb Ks] we went towards Tramore & Waterford.  We stumbled into Ardmore & Dungarvan.

We wanted to think new thoughts - we wanted fresh thinking - we wanted insights we didn't already have.

So we went into two small shops in Ardmore (Co Waterford):  The Anchor Art & Design Boutique (Owner Gillian Dwyer - we chatted with Jacinta) and Ardmore Pottery & Gallery (Owner Mary Lincoln - we also met Rachel Allen and a woman from Dresden there).

After that, we went for coffee & chat in the Cliff House Hotel & stayed there working all day.

We drove on to the waterside in Dungarvan (County Waterford)  and had the Tannery experience - including an extraordinary ice cream: liquorice & honeycomb.  

It was all fresh and unexpected.  East became best.

Doing the opposite of what people expect is the way.