"Forget your mother" - father says...

You clicked on the title of this blogpost.  I wonder why?

Twas the headline attracted you?  

You felt it was your kind of thinking?  

Too zany to be missed?  

Why are great copywriters paid so much?

- their work attract the masses.

There are even a few newspaper headlines you'll remember all your life. 

Any old fool can write a long earnest piece of text. 

Here's one from yesterday: 

 found in Ulster Bank Douglas Cork

found in Ulster Bank Douglas Cork

  • 20 words in first sentence. 22 in the third.  
  • the word "that" used 4 times in one short paragraph.

The content feels sincere, careful & rubbish - to me (maybe you like it?).

"Welcome to Douglas"
isn't too bad - but Ulster Bank is not Fáilte Ireland.

In Ireland, including Cork, there are too many headlines looking for attention.  Too many weak copywriters.

Most words are wasted.  They sink  without trace.

To produce more meaningful marketing copy - you have to be a lot better than Ulster Bank.

That's what my mother taught me.

Bless her.