Ice cream is good for business

Before I start persuading you of anything - do you have fast broadband?

The kind that's a joy to use - uploading & downloading?

You'll struggle to grow your business unless your marketing team has real fast broadband.

I'm in a great ice cream place 
in Ballybunion, North Kerry, Munster, Ireland.

 Sundaes ice cream 

Sundaes ice cream 

The ice cream is so good I want to share the look of it via Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

I want to reach out to others with the news that Sundaes is good - a real competitor for affection with Murphy's in Dingle, Killarney & Wicklow Street Dublin.

I want to help grow Sundaes ice cream business in Ballybunion. 

But I can't.

The wifi is crap. The 3G signal lousy.

People need great wifi to grow your business for you.  Your customers & supporters can grow your business meaningfully for you.

Your job today: list who you can lobby to improve broadband.

Get influencing the powers that be.