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Fine Point Technologies

The Company

Fine Point Technologies with Headquarters in NYC is a leading global provider of software tools for wireline and wireless (mobile) network operators to help them profitably manage the customer experience across a wide range of services and media devices. In the converging mobile-broadband world delivering a superior user experience is absolutely essential to winning and retaining customers at a reasonable cost.

Fine Point products are a generation ahead. Fine Point's solutions enable remote device management for both mobile and wireline services through a single graphical user interface (GUI). They automate provisioning, activation and customer service and they provide visibility to subscribers’ actual experience in real time for better management and superior customer support at lower cost.

The Goals

  • To identify key market drivers and trends so that Fine Point could identify and exploit growth opportunities.
  • To identify what customers really think and value about Fine Point’s services and understand how Fine Point performs relative to the competition globally.
  • To research the competition to understand the rules of the game, points of parity and points of difference that could be exploited.
  • To identify and own a unique and valuable market position and the set of activities that support the delivery of this position.
  • To develop the brand architecture and product naming framework.
  • To use the insights generated to map out a future marketing strategy.

The Solution

The main body of work undertaken by ThinkTank for Fine Point was research based as this delivered the insights necessary for strategy development. ThinkTank conducted in-depth face-to-face and telephonic interviews with Fine Point’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecoms customer base across EMEA and America and conducted desk research on the Wireline and Wireless markets globally to extract trends and key drivers.

In addition ThinkTank undertook a competitor audit on Fine Point’s top 15 direct and indirect competitors. Once the research was completed ThinkTank worked alongside Fine Point’s management team to connect the insights from the market, competitor and customer research to the development of a competitive positioning, brand positioning line and framing of a marketing strategy.

ThinkTank recommended where and how Fine Point should compete in the market, what key competencies and assets to leverage when developing value based messaging to different target groups and how to practically apply the recommendations in a way that is achievable and measurable.

The Results

ThinkTank acted as Fine Point’s strategic sounding board throughout the entire process and as a result Fine Point management have made a number of highly directional & growth focused strategic decisions for the business based on ThinkTank’s research findings & strategy recommendations.