Fabulous Fabrics

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The Fabulous Fabric Company

We are delighted with the news that our client, The Fabulous Fabric Company, beat off 50 other contenders to win the prestigious Gaeilge Marketing Award for the best marketed company in Ireland!

The company, formerly known as QC Interiors started from humble beginnings selling quilts in 1985. The owners Bill and Siobhan Scanlon, realised that their brand needed to reflect the quality of the luxury fabrics, wallpapers and soft furnishings that they had become famous for. ThinkTank was brought in with the brief of helping them take their business to the next level and to discover a way to give a true luxury brand its rightful identity.

The Strategy

ThinkTank conducted extensive research on the 4Cs – Customers, Competitors, Company, Context – to develop a comprehensive understanding of the business issues and how the company could fast track its marketing efforts. The research findings and recommendations enabled us to identify key issues relative to the business model and the brand. During a number of interactive work shop sessions with management and staff – ThinkTank was able to help Fabulous Fabrics chart a new strategic direction for the business and support it with a research informed business and branding strategy.

The research revealed a number of valuable insights as to the needs, unmet needs, unknown needs and perceptions of clients. This rigorous research process, helped us to understand the market environment and enabled us to clearly define and segment the respective target markets and map their demographic profiles.

Armed with these findings and insights, ThinkTank was able to develop a research informed brand positioning for the business built around the service ethos of ‘Beyond Measure.’ A decision was also taken to change the name to The Fabulous Fabric Company – as this was more in line with the company’s core focus – fabrics, curtains and soft furnishings. With a fabulous range of fabrics and fantastic service – the company had almost become it’s own ‘Best Kept Secret” and ThinkTank worked closely with the owners to structure a branding and marketing strategy that would elevate the brand, transform it into a national business and generate new customers from a wider audience of private and commercial clients.

The Execution

ThinkTank assembled a crack team of partners to bring the new brand to life! The design of the new logo, in an elegant and flowing font against a purple fabric swatch, was the genesis of an idea to transform the company from the inside out. With the building set back from the road, ThinkTank imagineered the idea of taking the brand from inside the building to out – almost wrapping the brand around the building! This was achieved by applying the new colour to the building, using the existing curve off the roof, and bringing the fabric swatch concept through into the signage and paving. An innovative new billboard was also built into the design – as a way to build brand awareness and capture attention of customers driving between Cork and Killarney.

In order to increase demand for the company’s products ThinkTank was involved in managing the design and development of an exciting new web site and digital strategy. www.tffc.ie. A unique story, style and tone was developed to capture the true essence of the Fabulous Fabric brand.

Based in a Gaeltacht area, ThinkTank also creatively incorporated the Irish language into the branding process and this was carried through across all the branding touch points including stationery, luxury shopping bags, post cards, gift cards, vehicle signage and an exciting brochure that contains real fabric swatches to give clients an authentic and tactile sense of the brand. ThinkTank also devised a number of tactical creative print ads and press releases that have formed part of a print campaign in interior design and local newspapers and magazines.

The Results

The retail response from the re-naming, re-positioning and re-branding of The Fabulous Fabric Company has been phenomenal – with a massive spike in brand awareness. Given the fact that the company had no marketing profile a year ago and has gone on to beat established brands to win the Gaeilge Marketing Award – is a terrific case study for the power of research informed brand positioning supported by innovative creative ideas and strong design thinking.

The PR value from this award has been huge ,with a series of newspaper articles, web mentions and radio interviews. The simple use of vibrant colour and the design transformation of the building itself has certainly put The Fabulous Fabric Company on the map and the footfall into the shop from both locals and tourists has increased exponentially! Brand awareness and recall have increased significantly and the company has attracted a number of new customers – while at the same time many local competitors have been forced to close shop. The web site has also opened up opportunities to sell product on a national scale and through aggressive SEO has attracted a number of new clients across the Republic of Ireland.

We are pleased to report that The Fabulous Fabric Company experienced one of it’s busiest Christmas periods, attracting a number of new private and commercial clients that had never heard of the business before. Bill & Siobhan are optimistic that the increased sales volume will well exceed the cost of investment and their only complaint is that they didn’t embark on this project several years earlier! Having made the investment in marketing they are also confident that the company has adapted at the right time and is well poised to exit the recession on a far stronger footing!

Against a backdrop of tough trading conditions, the brand is without doubt a cut above the rest and the investment in a new marketing strategy is certainly paying dividends!

If you would like to get a referral on how ThinkTank managed this project – please contact the owners Bill & Siobhan Scanlon on +353 (0) 26 45235