Easter Saturday rocks on Social Media

Maybe you use Facebook & Twitter for your business?

And your business could be looking for your next job or even raising money for children in need.

It's normal these days to use social media for your business.

Irish people are particularly big into being sociable about their business. Facebook's particularly popular & Twitter too.

It's as if we love being sociable & will take any opportunity to chat about our interests.

So you "post" stuff to Facebook & Twitter on Easter Saturday - the day before the Resurrection.

Maybe the Resurrection story can help you grow your business thru more meaningful marketing?

How was the Resurrection tweeted?

How was the good news from the Bible business presented?

However it was done - that way must be worth copying - because it's been incredibly successful - eh?

Whether you're religious or not

- you have to admire the way the Resurrection got it's story out. Certainly attracted a lot of people & got them to change their behaviour.

Let's not go right back to the beginning : Genesis. "In the beginning was the Word..."

Let's pick up the story 33 years before the Resurrection, with the birth of Jesus.

How was that tweeted? How was that story presented so attractively?

There was a dramatic lead up. The Gospel story begins with high drama - a angel appeared to a woman...  Doesn't that Immediately grab your attention?  Isn't that disruptive of the status quo?

From that memorable starting point - it's hard to put the story down.

The story is all heading in one direction, the Resurrection - but there are twists & turns a plenty.  

Remember the donkey to Bethlehem?  The three wise men, the drama in the temple...

The origins of the business & the early days are vividly painted.  

What about the origins & early days of your business?  How attractively are they presented to people?  Who is your John the Baptist character?

Once you've got people curious, interested & hooked about the start of your business - you can build on that.

Tweet about the start: people like to be in from the start.  Don't wait until your business is fully formed to start sharing the story of your humble origins. People are hooked by birthing stories for obvious reasons - we were all born.

The  birth of your business idea, your business collaboration (your Joseph & Mary story), your journey (from Nazareth to Bethlehem)... this is how to get people joining your vision.

Your Resurrection is way off - but you lead up to it by putting a lot of store in how you started the business or project.  This is what the Bible teaches us.  People love stories about journeys.

The Gospel isn't comprehensive

- there's a big fast-forward to the last year or so in the life of Jesus.  But we're already hooked. We don't need information about all those years you spent building the details of the business. We want the drama it's all leading to: the Resurrection itself.

We are still in Holy Week.

We've got as far as the Saturday.  The Resurrection is tomorrow.  The drama's been life-changing.  It is the greatest story ever told after all.  There is so much to learn from it.

Your new product, your new service - what obstacles has it faced?  What's been your Garden of Gethsemane?  Your crown of thorns?  Who's denied you thrice?

Isn't it marvellous?

Whether you're religious or not - the bible story teaches us how to build a business. Similarly Mahabharata, similarly Analects and stories that underpin all successful religious movements.

The key word is "Campaign".

Just as the Bible is a campaign leading up to the Resurrection, all good social media work is a campaign.

An individual tweet in isolation is meaningless.  A tweet in the context of a purpose is meaningful. 

A series of tweets that say you have a special offer isn't going to build you customer loyalty. Communications via Facebook & Twitter start to make sense when they're part of a bigger story - when they have a higher purpose that appeals to people.

  • Tweets are for building your story.
  • Tweets are for drama that hooks people.
  • Tweets are for reaching out to the unconverted & those who don't know your story.
  • Tweets make sense as part of a campaign.

It's a lot easier to compose and communicate meaningful tweets when you have the Resurrection in mind.

The good news

is we have greats models to copy - if the Bible doesn't suit you, find another great successful story & follow that example.

Easter Saturday is a great day - the eve of the Resurrection.

Make it count.

Your job today:  find the story that suits you + use it for your business.