Dublin Web Summit 4

[No 1 in a short series]

I wasn't at Dublin Web Summit 4. Neither was I at the party for "F.ounders" which the Irish government sponsored - the one where a whole load of business owners let their hair down.

I was in Cork & Lahinch Golf Links during the fun & games on Thursday evening & Friday.  [A prior commitment to a Twitter golf meeting on the ancient - and fierce - Lahinch course...  even though I'd have loved to be in Dublin for the excitement, friends - real buddies matter to me].

But it was great to tune into #DWS4 on Twitter. There are so many great gatherings - all round the world - I feel some sort of Nobel Connection Prize should be awarded to Hashtag.

Using #DWS4 & #F.ounders - I was able to link into some of the content & get a bit of a feel for the energy of the gathering.  I got great satisfaction tweeting participants - knowing they would welcome tweets from offstage.

This is the modern way.  There is no chasm anymore - no gulf separating participants & lurkers.  Mitch Joel's "Six Pixels of Separation" covers this so well.

Here are some of the links I picked up (with more to come later)

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UK's Daily Telegraph article by Milo Yiannopoulos  here

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Thinking Out Loud blog by Karen Henry "Favourite Moments at Dublin Web Summit" here

On 2 November:  TechCrunch Europe article by Mike Butcher  here

A Twitter List put together (curated) by LaurentFP (@lfp on Twitter)  "F.ounder-2010" here

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"Web Entrepreneur sinks into Irish Bog at Twitter/Skype/YouTube Conference" here

Photo of Niklas Zennstrom, keynote speaker, by @smcElhinney here

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