Dress consistently to sell more

People who've worked with Rita Clifton tell me she always wears an exquisite black suit & drinks only green tea.

They know what she'll be like in advance.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.26.39.png


Those who sit beside Ted Rubin on a plane to a conference know he'll always wear the same type of socks - dramatic, colourful & memorable.

Don't take my word for it.


Why? What does it matter? Surely it's not an accident.

People like Rita & Ted do most things deliberately.  

Unfortunately I've not yet had a conversation with them about this.

Maybe these are the 3 reasons they do it:

(1) Predictable clothes & habits mean people experience you as familiar.  People feel they know you.  People prefer to do business with people they know.

(2) When you arrive people have their predictions confirmed. They feel they're good at forecasting (important).  This leads to them feeling better about themselves. They smile inside. Their mood improves.  You get a more positive reception.

(3) Happy people buy more.  Both Rita Clifton & Ted Rubin are in the selling game - they sell themselves. their company, conversation, ideas, connections, ambitions. They are brands - rather than a collection of services.  This is humanistic branding at work.

You think they don't understand this?
A huge part of their success is down to their deep emotional intelligence. [They have knowledge & wisdom too.]

You can tell this from the way they dress - well before you speak with them.

The moral of this story is 

  • throw out most of your wardrobe
  • simplify simplify simplify
  • stick to your distinctive habits
  • help others feel good about themselves

You are always marketing yourself - the trick is to do it more memorably.

Who do you know who dresses consistently? If no one is the answer, you can easily stand out from the local crowd.

There are always exceptions
 Chris Broga
appears on Instagram dressed in all sorts of ways - gym clothes, shirt collar & tie, jeans. He's eclectic - unpredictable.  He breaks the rules.  That's his memorable difference.

13 - 1.jpg


Michael O'Leary is consistent - in jeans & open-necked shirt (certainly no tie) - consistently rugged.  Divides the room into lovers & haters. Doesn't try to appeal to all.



Still I say 

  • throw out half your wardrobe
  • always drink a remarkable drink