Don't forget to communicate inwards

Sooner or later you have to communicate.

Yesterday I met a startup entrepreneur who's developing an App. It's a secret. No one knows about it. He'll have stop hiding his project away.

We all have to communicate what the business is, what it does & what it's worth.

That's what we call "marketing".

Whether you like & admire marketing or not - you have to do it - to avoid failure.

You have to get your message out there.

Who's "out there"?

Your staff, your team?

When do you have to market the business to them?

When you advertise for staff.
When you select them.
When you induct them.
When you lead them.
When you supervise them.
When you reward them.
When you discipline them.
When you fire them.
When you accept their resignation.
When you retire them.

They're the times you have to market the business to your staff.

Oh - there is one person you might forget: yourself.

You need to market the business to yourself - every morning.

When you see me walking down the street talking to myself - that's what I'm doing. Can we invent a new term "self-marketing"

Your job today: market the business internally.