DMXDublin - the party - the inside story...

 Once upon a time, word got out there was a party in a Dublin suburb. A whole lot of people didn't want to miss it.  The word on the street was that one of the RyanAir gang was going to open his big mouth.  No one  know what he was going to say, but rumour was he'd spill the beans on what Don Corleone Michael O'Leary was up to.

No one was quite sure whose house the party was in. The first few fellas I heard it from said twas half-way down Lansdowne Road - on the south side.  "No, it's in the Aviva" - a woman carrying a placard said. 

I've never been to the Aviva  
- but I remember the days when you could get a train from Limerick to Kingsbridge Station & (without getting out of the train) be dropped off underneath the west stand for rugby internationals. ["Those were the days my friend, I thought they's never end..."]

You see this "Aviva" thing is all new - some flashy new stadium, state of the art - probably fit for the RyanAir announcement.

I was told there would be 800 people, including women, at the party.  One joker told me "the Kellogg's woman'll be there".  Another storyteller whispered in my ear "Newsweaver Ivers will show up."  The last straw was when old Ogilvy Google was mentioned.

I had to gatecrash.  

How could you let that sort of a party happen with getting a few autographs?  If that was the sort of clientele who'd be at that party, who else might be there?

The last time I went to a party on the south side of Dublin - Ballsbridge to be precise - Paddy Cosgrave strutted his stuff surrounded by the world & his wife.  Some fella from Trustev got so excited he told everyone he's raised €3m - and was heading off to New York.

Have you heard RyanAir are going to fly to the the big Apple?  "I suppose  the local airport will be in Boston" some smart alex shouted up from the back.  There's no truth is that rumour.

But I've heard Aer Lingus are flying to Silicon Valley at the start of May 2014 - some sort of tech flight to the west coast.

This party was for the natives.  There might have been a few blow-ins from the UK - like Stickyeyes Heather Healy - but the plebs like me would be local scrubbers out to make a living on the back of  all this digital stuff.

Oh yes, there was a chance this would be "party of the year".  The Institute were behind it - and you know how powerful and devious they are.

My autograph book from Dublin has a few  good scalps in it: Pat Kenny, Scobleizer, Moshi Monsters...

Why would I miss the chance of meeting the movers & shakers?