All will be revealed at about 1800 tomorrow, Wednesday. The 300 companies of CorkMeet2009 will find out who they're due to meet when they register in person @Radisson Blu Hotel Little Island Cork

We picked 27 companies we'd like to meet.

Everyone's allowed to select 20. Some lovely software programme will match us with our preferences.

I spoke to the organisers in Mallow today.  I was confused about the timetable.  I was champing at the bit to know who we'd be meeting.

In our business we practise using the internet fully. We "Google" everyone we're going to meet.  We check out whether the business has an internet presence.  We even check out its personnel, especially the CEO.

Here's a good tip: check yourself out. I heard @krishnade say this @ Network Cork:

"Have you googled yourself recently?"

Her advice was that you check yourself & your business out on a monthly basis.

The News from today: