CorkMeet 2010 started in Radisson Blu

CorkMeet 2010 began yesterday. It's huge - for Ireland it's big - for Cork it's massive. Hundreds of companies networking like mad - doing their best to link with others for the purpose of business generation & survival.

I arrived in Radisson Blu Hotel Little Island by taxi during the afternoon. The show was already on the road.  The new idea "Meet the Buyer" had started - companies sitting round small tables meeting each other. By 3.45pm there was already noise & excitement - conversations turning the hotel into a buzz.

I slipped in quietly - and got sucked into the atmosphere.  Within 15 minutes I felt I had a new mission - I must capture some of this and share it with others.  Ireland is badly in need of good business networking. People depend on businesses making connections. There's quite a lot at stake here. So this was an adventure fit for AudioBoo.

AudioBoo is a super tool.  It provides an easy solution to the challenge of "capturing the action", "sharing the goodies" & "building your reputation". AudioBoo is free - I have it on my iPhone & iPad. It lets me practise the art of building reputations.

So here are the six live recordings from day one of CorkMeet 2010...

(1)  CorkMeet-report-1-Arriving-into-loud-conversations - recorded during coffee break.

(2) CorkMeet-2010-report-2-What-"Meet-the-Buyers"-was-like - recorded after meeting Cascade Designs

(3) CorkMeet-2010-report-3-Futurallia-the-brains - an interview with "The Futurallia Guys" - Gilles Morisseau & Mark Jordan - about the brains behind the organisation of CorkMeet & Kansas 2011

(4) CorkMeet-report 4-The-Official-Speeches & B2B (signage partner) - live extracts from speeches by Cork County Council Mayor, Cork Chamber, Irish Examiner (media partner) & Cork County & City Enterprise Boards

(5) CorkMeet-Report 5-All-about-kids-fingers-in-doors-Fingershield UK - interview with UK Trade & Investment North-West

(6) CorkMeet Report 6-Music-by-Sin-É - recording of the music played at CorkMeet.


There will be time later to list all the people &  businesses I met at CorkMeet 2010 - as we did after CorkMeet 2009