Connect Promotions

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Connect Promotions

The Company

Connect Promotions, established in 2004 is a leading supplier of quality branded promotional products in Ireland.

The Goals

- To research the customer base to gain far ranging insights that could be used as the basis for strategy development.

- To research the marketplace to understand the dynamics of the market & identify market opportunities.

- To research the competition to understand the rules of the game, points of parity and points of difference that could be exploited.

- To develop a blueprint for the business that mapped out the Vision, Goals, Objectives and Strategies for 2010 and beyond.

The Strategy

ThinkTank worked alongside the management team in Connect Promotions to connect the insights from the market, competitor and customer research to the business strategy. ThinkTank recommended where and how Connect Promotions should compete in the market, what key competencies to leverage when developing value based messaging to different target groups and how to practically apply the recommendations in a way that is achievable and measurable.

The Results

Connect Promotions have made a number of highly directional strategic decisions for the business based on ThinkTank's research findings & strategy recommendations.