Close Facebook & Twitter ...

Do you have a Facebook account for your business?  If so, this article is for you. Do you have Twitter for your business?  This is dead relevant to you too.

Shut your account straightaway.  Close it down.  Take it out of public view.  Do the closing professionally: announce the move properly - but above all stop damaging your brand via Facebook or Twitter.

You may think me mad.  You certainly think this extreme advice.  I hope you're interested enough to hang on a minute - just to see what's driven me into this position.  After all, "everyone" is rushing headlong into social media - new "free" media.

There are so many businesses using Facebook badly in Ireland. They set up an account, open up a presence - and then set about undermining the value of their brand.  They don't use Facebook well.  They use it as if it was an advertising channel - a traditional, boring, advertising channel.  They use Facebook to announce their offers, urge consumers to buy from them, and generally interrupt the life of those stupid enough to follow them.

What they don't do is engage. So many businesses on Facebook and Twitter don't engage with customers & potential prospects.  They don't respond to questions, don't supply information requested.  So many businesses remain silent while they're being discussed on Twitter & Facebook.

Every time they fail to respond openly & willingly, they damage their brand - unless of course their brand promises to disappoint customers.

So if you shut your shop on Friday, and don't open until Monday - think again.  Do your customers want you on Saturdays?  Do your customers have problems on the weekend?

And during the week, do you actively seek to find out who's chatting about your products?  Do you try to imagine who's out there with a problem for which you could be a solution?

Stay off the new media - unless you are seriously interested in serving customers. The impression you give otherwise is dreadful.  If you're the marketing director, and your Facebook account isn't great, it reflects badly on your company & your career prospects.

We can track you these days.  We can build a good picture of your track record via your Facebook & Twitter presence.

Get serious about new media - or get underground.

PS : This blogpost was inspired by a Tweet this morning from a business owner who was frustrated at the lack of response they'd experienced from an Irish business.