Butter is butter is butter - isn't it?

Why should I buy butter?  There are so many alternatives.

Why should I buy one butter rather than another?  Aren't they all the same - basically?  Don't they all do the same thing - lubricate my bread?

What's the point in paying more for Kerrygold than "Own Brand" - isn't cheapest best?

Of course, we all know there's a point to handmade specialist butters. They're in a niche of their own.  But when it  comes to mass-produced butter - why should I consider Kerrygold Irish creamery butter?

I hadn't bothered to think until this weekend.
I hadn't given a moment's thought to the butter question in years.

But now I'm writing a blogpost about butter - and mentioning Kerrygold several times in it.

Maybe ChangeAgents Branding has landed a new client?  Maybe Kerrygold are paying me for writing this?

Not at all.  I doubt any one in Kerrygold has even heard of our company or considered working with us to grow their business by elevating their branding.

The answer to the butter question is a lot simpler.  
Kerrygold are sponsoring a Literary Festival of Food in Ballymaloe.

They have their branding all over the place at the Festival and I want to go there.  I'm attracted by the Festival - it's ever so well put together.  Caitríona from Wholesome Ireland is there. Anthony Cresswell from Ummera & Birgitta Curtin from Burren Smokehouse are there - together with a raft of big heads in the Irish food movement.

Because I'm so interested in this Festival, I can't avoid the butter question: what the difference between Kerrygold and other Irish butters?

One difference is that Kerrygold support great food and great food literature.  
They must be my kind of people those Kerrygold folk.  I'm grateful to them for helping a good weekend to happen close to me in Ballymaloe.

So right now, Kerrygold is on the side of the angels. For this reason, I feel like buying their butter.  I also feel like spreading the word (sorry).

That's how you activate your brand.  
Do something that appeals to certain kind of people - they will then love you for it and work for you (as I'm working for Kerrygold now).

Crazy eh?