Business Newsletters - tricky art

I'm suspicious of business Newsletters.  I suspect they're fraudulent.  They appear as if they are offering me News - they really hope to sell me something.  In other words, they are a dressed-up bit of advertising.  That's my difficulty.

For a long time I've been thinking about publishing a Newsletter.  I get them all the time - many are stunning in design. Many come from people whom I respect &  want to support. But I still delete them all, most of the time.  Business Newsletters irritate me.

The fact that I have this difficulty with Newsletters is not a reason to stop producing your Newsletter.  I am only one voice, one consumer - I am no authority.  The fact that I don't like Newsletters should not stop me publishing one: the Newsletter is for others, not for me.

The problem is Advertising. I hate it.  I resent it.  I have to put up with it.  It is everywhere.  I am thrilled to see it decline.  But it'll be around for a long time yet.  Brands want to be recognised: they need to keep reminding people that they exist.  In the global market, with so many companies producing similar products & services, your brand is your difference - it is hard to get it to stay in the consciousness of others.

Advertising interrupts.  It breaks into my world.  It sorta shouts: Notice Me, See Me .... and often more Buy Me.

I began with Newsletters because I've been tweeting with @IrishSmiley(Frederique Murphy) -  a business that publishes a blog and a Newsletter.  The blog contained a promise that there is extra stuff in the Newsletter, different in tone, more personal.  I got interested, I almost signed up for the Newsletter.  But my suspicion held me back.   "I bet it's all spoof designed to send me ads" said the voice within.

My gut tells me that News is good.  Personal is great.  A Newsletter that's personal, very personal,  really gritty, incredibly human and messy... a Newsletter that short, that's all new... that might work.

What's your view? Do you have a Newsletter you love?  One you'd love to share in a comment here ?  Let's see if we can gather a few examples of superb Newsletters that are not sophisticated tricks?

PS After publishing this post, I found this excellent stream of discussion about Newsletters (led by@whatswhat_sian, thanks to @irishsmiley.)  This gives you different views to consider.