Business Breakfast to die for...

Yesterday I had one of those remarkable breakfasts - the sort that come at you by surprise - out of left field.

This isn't about food - though I must recommend the feast they offer at Fota Island Resort Hotel [@fotaisland on Twitter].

This is about inspiring company.  This is about one of those meetings that shift your focus, tweak your mind and leave you fresh - feeling fit for the future. This was rather good...

Jonathan Amm of Think-Tank [@thinktank_ on Twitter] & I met for the first time since 28 October.  We've both been busy with life.

The meal began gently, pleasantly.  My Moleskine Notebook remembers conversation about Google AdWords & Google AdSense.  We also touched on Slideshare.

But then we got on to Francois Navarre of X17 in Malibu Hollywood - the story of how a guy build a business there photographing Hollywood stars.

From which we moved on to Mitch Joel & his quality podcasts...


The breakthrough came while we were discussing Chris Brogan's 3 Words idea - how you could cut through all the stuff about Mission, Vision, Strategic Plans and so on - that whole familiar framework which is so useful and used.

About this time last year, I found a blogpost by Chris Brogan that proved incredibly helpful - it gave me a tool that guided me through 2010.  Instead of a complicated strategic plan for my business, I've used 3 words to guide my decision making.  Whenever I've needed to make a decision about what to do -  I've referred to them.

If something was going to contribute to "Keepingwell, Sharing & Reptuation" - there was a big chance I'd go for it.  If some prospect failed to tick any of those boxes - I avoided it.  All year I've felt in control.  I feel I owe Chris Brogan a big thumbs-up in gratitude for his idea.

Over breakfast we chatted about the simplicity & beauty of this idea. Thinking ahead for 2011, we talked about what words to use.  "Commercial - I'm going to become a lot more commercial" - said I.  "And I'll certainly keep on keeping well."

But what about the third one - the third leg of the stool - the third lighthouse? What is third word I'll live by in 2011?

I'm open to suggestions from you.

But I'm also wondering whether you'd find this 3 Words tool useful for your life & business.  Would you like to have a go at picking 3 words you'll use to guide you throughout 2011?  Would you like to share your key words?

Sharing with others is a great way of helping yourself to keep on track.  That's why this was a great business breakfast.

Go for it.