There was a lot of bullying when I was young.  A long time before the internet, way before cyber-bullying was invented - there were times I felt everything was built around bullying.

Adults bullied children every day - and felt it was ok to do that. Parents thought it was the right thing to do.

The school system was all bullying - teachers bullied kids into conforming with their rules. 

Of course there were bullies in the playground.

The Viet Nam war, Apartheid and ethnic cleansing...

When I woke up this morning... 
the first item on the news was cyber-bullying: it's increasing, it's dangerous & may be happening in my daughter's school

And in your workplace.

The emails in your organisation may be bullying people.  
Your suppliers may feel they're being unfairly forced into complying with your requirements. The people who report to you at work may feel your style is unpleasant & an abuse of power.

Bullying is everywhere.  

I think we all know it is - even if we often don't want to admit it or name it.

Cyber-bullying is not confined to kids. 

Some companies even try to bully their customers into buying more.   Having adverts pop-up at you while you're waking-up feels like bullying to me. Being forced to wade through loads of ads while buying an airline ticket feels like bullying to me.  I feel like I'm a "captive" audience - a prisoner trapped by a system.

There must be a better way.

That's why the strap-line of ChangeAgents Branding is "more meaningful marketing".

We see ourselves as part of a movement against bullying.