Be yourself - really you

I'm leaning up against the bonnet of my old battered Opel - parked outside Smith's of Kinsale (retail supermarket partner to Musgrave Owner SuperValu brand).

Sun streaming down.

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I've just read this guy from USA Chris Brogan say "Be yourself" - he was trying to explain how he got "famous" (in some circles).

Made me think...

So how could you get famous?

  • It would be a good thing to use your personality, experience & face more.
  • It would be good to front your business or cause with a bit more of yourself.

People like people - people like to be associated with people - people like to buy from people  - we don't really like faceless corporations.

We're Jon & Paul from ChangeAgents
- we're real people who help others grow their business - we're sorta "business growth guys" but above all we're Jon & Paul - the only Jon & Paul like us.

You're the only one too.