Be unforgettable

Starting into March is like re-starting 2014 again - isn't it?  Doesn't it feel a bit like we've come through two of the most difficult months of the year - and now's the time for green shoots to burst through (like snowdrops have done)?

The first Monday morning in March, the start of the last third of Q1... the first day of the rest of your life...

How to be unforgettable?

In business, that's what we want to be -  isn't it?  We want our ideal customers to have us in their memories.  We want to pop into our customers' minds at all sorts of times - not just when they want to buy something.

  • When they're chatting to neighbours about the match
  • When they're having a cup of coffee mid-morning
  • When they're in a queue for service in the bank

Why do we want to be unforgettable?
Not just for the goods & services we sell.  Not just for where our store or office is located.  Not just for how much it costs to do business with us.

More importantly - for

  • how it is to connect with us
  • how it is to interact with us
  • how it is to collaborate with us.


We want people to remember our personality, our style, our way.  

It's easier to think of this as if you're an individual.  But in business it's better to think as if you're a company.

The personality of the company - how is it expressed & remembered?

The style of the company - how easy is that for others to remember?

The way of the company - how can that be unforgettable?

Here's a woman who's unforgettable:  Rochelle Moulton

I'd never heard of her until yesterday when I found her by accident on the internet.  I wasn't looking for her - she popped into my mind out of the blue (the way people do all the time).

Usually they pop in & pop out again without leaving much of a trace.  Most people are forgettable.

But, if you open the link, you won't forget her easily.  
The kind of people who come to this blog are highly likely to say to themselves "Wow - she's different - she's big - yes, she's American but I won't forget her."

After a few minutes curiosity Sunday afternoon, while it rained again, I'm writing about "Be Unforgettable" (and not because it's International Women's Day (8th March) this week, not because I'm going to the SmarterEgg event in Ballincollig tonight).

How to be unforgettable is your first job as a business person.  
How to be unforgettable to the special people you want to remember you.

We can all learn from Rochelle Moulton, I bet .  Not only about personal brand-building but usefully about how to bill people for our services.