Be helpable - let people help you

If I  write "let people help you" - chances are you'll ignore what I'm saying.

But let me tell you about the guy who started a poetry magazine called "Revival".  He published out of Limerick for years. I thought 'Revival" was great - it gave poets a place to see their work in print.  It was a small press - and small presses are lifeblood for poets.

Amateur poets are notorious for not reading poetry - they're in love with their own stuff.  They are even more notorious for not buying poetry: they save their money for other purposes.

So "Revival" didn't sell enough copies to survive without funding from the Arts Council of Ireland.  The publisher couldn't fund it himself.

[Years ago one of my poems was published there.  But I lost touch with the magazine.] 

One day I woke up and the magazine was gone. Shut down.  No more issues.

I was gutted.  I wanted "Revival" to exist.  It was one of the good things from Limerick.

No one  told me it was in that much trouble.  I knew it was hand-to-mouth, but it was a shock to find out it was finished.

If I'd known the end of "Revival" was on the cards - I'd have helped it survive.  At least I would have done something.

"Revival" wasn't helpable.  It didn't reach out to the people it had helped - or didn't reach out in a dramatic enough way.

Poetry is business.  

All businesses need help - we all know that.  All businesses are in need - no matter how healthy they seem.  (And there are people out there projecting an image of power while they are really incredibly weak.)

If you are worth helping, people want to help you.  The trouble is people often don't know what help you need - and when you need it most.

Leaving it to the last minute, before reaching out for help, is not good.  You may be too late to be helped.

Your job today:  write down the No 1 help your business needs.  

Highlight the names of three people who could help you.  

Contact one of them today.

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