Be a community builder

For the sake of your business...

Many of you would love to have an active community around your business (or cause).

You can see how powerful the community around Apple has been.  How for years they've been like a tribe on a mission - sometimes it's been as if they've been engaged in battle against the forces of evil.

This fiercely engaged community of fans, advocates, enthusiasts has saved Apple a fortune. How much does Apple spend on advertising?

Not a lot.

The Apple fans drive others crazy. Some dislike Apple mania so much they invest time attacking the Apple community. Others wish they could afford to join the Apple movement.  

The community of Apple was once tiny.  
Now it's huge.

Wouldn't you love people to save you loads of money?  Wouldn't you love not to have to invest in advertising your products & services? Wouldn't you love a community of people to do all your business messaging for you?

It's easy.  
It's easy to move in that direction.  It's impossible if you start trying to be as successful as Apple.

  • You have to start with One direction: foster a strong community around your brand.
  • You have to start from where you are.

The 150 people who are your greatest supporters.

The people who know your business & love you.  Or even better - the 150 people who love you & know your business.

150 is Dunbar's Number.  It's the largest number of people you can interact with frequently & meaningfully. (It includes some of your extended family.)

From that core, you can cultivate, nurture & help grow the community around your business. 

(If you're an employee in a large organisation, you'd love to have a community of support for your work. The same wisdom applies.)

To move in the Apple direction, start with a bit of an audit:

  • Who's in the community around your business?
  • How can you serve them?
  • What more would they value from you?

Be a great community builder.