Audioboo important in Irish politics?

David Norris is hoping to become President of Ireland.

His website is  That's hardly a surprise.  There's hardly a serious politician, political group or political party that doesn't have a website to advance the cause.

He already has a Facebook page "liked" by 18, 204 people.   A Twitter account Team Norris (@SenDavidNorris) with 6,859 followers & 146 Tweets published.

So he's shaping up to be an internet savvy candidate...

The news... David Norris has opened an Audioboo account - it looks as if he's going to use audio during  his Presidential campaign. If you look at the Audioboo website, you'll see "David Norris for President" is one of the latest AudioBoo Channels.

AudioBoo is a new medium - a new way of advancing your cause - spreading your message - deepening rapport with your audience, your market.

The Irish General Election & Audioboo...

Simon Coveney, a politician from the Fine Gael Party, has started using Audioboo.  Four days ago he recorded his first audio "Heading out Canvassing"  - to date he's produced four AudioBoos. It looks as if he may produce daily audio messages.  His personality, image, style, and reputation will be communicated in a new way during the Irish general election campaign.

Joan Burton, Irish Labour Party, has recorded one Audioboo. As has Michael D Higgins three months ago, here... Even Eamon Gilmore, leader of the Irish Labour Party, used Audioboo this week -  as an additional way of getting his message out. There's also one Audioboo of a recent press conference by Eamon Gilmore & Ruairi Quinn here...

The Irish Labour Party has a "Labour"  Audioboo account.

The most ambitious use of Audioboo (14 audios) so far is the project which is following the campaign of John Gilroy , as he campaigns to get elected in Cork North Central.

Perhaps, with a new leader, the Fianna Fáil Party may even begin using Audioboo too.  Sinn Féin?  Maybe some of the more innovative Independent candidates may also join the Audioboo movement? Perhaps this election campaign will be followed by everyone using Audioboo in future?

Who knows?

How important is Audioboo?

It's all about using modern communications methods & skills to engage with people.  Audioboo is different.  It's mobile - meaning you can listen to audio on the move, in your car, while sitting in a café, back at home on your computer...  The citizens are increasingly carrying their own communication devices - some politicians are already keen to learn new skills and keep in touch with what's going on.

Perhaps Audioboo isn't so much a way of winning votes - perhaps it's a really good way of putting down a marker - showing a willingness to move with the times, an open mind - and a spirit keen to engage with audiences in new ways.

Perhaps those who use Audioboo are leaders?  Perhaps Audioboo is a reputation- building tool?

Let's see whether Audioboo becomes more mainstream in Irish political life... What do you think?  If you were a politician would you use it?