At 30,000 feet things look different

Very different to how they look on the ground.

I'm on Aer Lingus EI 123 to Chicago USA. I'm writing this from an altitude that changed the game for me.

The thought of being able to communicate with you while locked in a transatlantic time machine...

The thrill of having the choice of 30 movies, a long snooze, an arresting book or chatting with you via social media...

Simply being connected while up so high has me feeling high.

Talk about a bit of blue sky thinking over Greenland...

We all need fresh perspectives & vistas.

Even Aer Lingus.

Recently they restarted a service from Dublin to San Francisco. A damned good idea that seems to be very popular. (Even CoderDoJo & Blackrock Castle Observatory flew over to Silicon Valley.)

We need that sort of connectivity for Ireland.

I hope Aer Lingus will add the San Francisco story to the "Airline Information" I'm looking at.

What a boring headline for a great story: "Airline Information". Hardly designed to attract anyone to read it.

Technically correct - of course. I'm looking at "information". You can't fault Aer Lingus for that.

"Aer Lingus Teoranta" was registered as an airline on 22nd May 1936. Teoranta means "limited company". The word "Lingus" is derived from the Irish "Loingeas" meaning "fleet".

Thus Aer Lingus begins the story it offers every transatlantic traveller.

What is the purpose of starting the story that way? Teaching people a bit of Irish is a great thing to do - but...

Great corporate storytelling begins by gripping the imaginations of the audience.

Aer Lingus could say:

12 hungry people turned out to see the very first Aer Lingus plane take off.

That would be accurate & intriguing. Who were the 12? Why were they hungry? Where did it happen?

Sitting on Flight 123 I'm a captive audience. Captivate me please.

You can be much more than factually accurate. You can enthral, excite, enthuse. The three "Es" of great storytelling. Any good storyteller who has to tell a story to keep children quiet would tell you that.

Corporates are stupid. They forget that the same type of stories attract adults as children.

Corporates are no fun. They are stodgy, earnest & boring.

Corporates are a joke.

Too often.

Of course you can point to great corporate storytelling. Of course I damn all corporates unfairly. But I'm thinking & writing at 30,000 ft. That's my excuse.

But Aer Lingus can do better. Without being lampooned Aer Lingus may linger.

And I want Aer Lingus to be better at telling its story not just for me - but for you too. For all the Irish Diaspora, I want Aer Lingus to be the greatest storytelling airline in the world.

Because Irish people are great storytellers. Brand Ireland & Brand Aer Lingus working well together.

Just a thought from on high.

The future of travel by air will be different than before. It'll be much more connected. Stories connect people.

Tell your company story well.