Are you using your resources well?

I was sitting in Douglas Shopping Centre today, drinking coffee with a friend.

Along passed Philip Carter, whom I knew from BNI.  He joined us and told us all about his new business.  It's a water business which is running in Galway.

The details grabbed my attention.  I was ever  so impressed.

"Tell me Philip, all this stuff you're  telling us, is it written down?  Have you a written record of all this business development for future reference?"

Pause...  "Or is it all in your head?"

It turned out Philip was carrying round all that business intelligence in his head.  I have a disastrous memory.  I write everything down.  I can't trust my memory, so  I outsource it to my Moleskine Notebook.

"Have you a mobile phone with an audio recorder on it?  How about dumping the story on to your phone, in bits, so that it isn't lost? You don't have to write it up - you'd have it safe for someone like me to turn it into valuable writing for your business."

The penny dropped.

Very few entrepreneurs are writers.  Their skill is inventing, pulling businesses into existence, and making them work.  Writing is a different skill.  But every business needs writers.  Writers need material to turn into valuable content.

So how about recording your work, your business history, on your mobile phone?  A skilled writer could then turn your voice recording into an impressive document for you to use on your website, blog, Facebook page.  Efficient eh?