All change in Ireland

As the dust is stirred up in Ireland - after the elections - what's going on?

The analysts are rushing in.  The people who specialise in talking about what's happened are active - in homes & media.

Obviously, inside political parties there's chatter, spinning & plotting.

No one is on the streets.  Whatever's happened, it's peaceful, calm & not particularly agitating.

Some people are really pleased, others highly disappointed - but the most obvious thing is that everyone will take this in their stride.

So different from what it could be...

Change agents are at work all over the shop.  

But there is no Big Idea

- no One direction - no clarity - nothing gripping the hearts & imagination of the people.

Society is one big business.

To grow strong it needs One big thing around which people can march.

It requires hard work to arrive at the One direction that inspires, excites & expresses the yearning people have for better times.

Communities grow around big ideas.  

Businesses grow around their One direction.

The same sort of thinking applies to business as applies to society.  

Ireland needs meaningful change

- more needs to be done  to bring that about.

That's my analysis after the elections.

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